Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parkour: the art of movement

I can't remember the exact date that I first heard about the art of parkour but I felt I had been a part of it, or rather it had been a part of me for a while. Parkour is a discipline in which the participants travel from point A to point B (wherever that may be) in the most efficient and fluid manner as possible, often using such techniques as running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, and wall runs. I considered myself a practitioner of movement and often mimicked movements I have seen in Jackie Chan movies and the like. It wasn't until I heard about David Belle, the founder of parkour, and learned about the philosophy behind the discipline and the efficiency of the techniques that I began to fully understand the concept of it all. I have come a long way since the beginning and I still have far to travel. CrossFit has greatly improved the core foundation to allow me to perform under the physical stress required of this activity with greater ease and consistency. I look forward to incorporating my knowledge of this spartapline (sport/art/discipline) into CrossFit classes.


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