Friday, August 29, 2008

There is No Equal: The Gymnast

The Gymnast has no equal in terms of the pound for pound ratio of their strength and what they are able to achieve. For the first time ever CrossFit Central is introducing a gymnastics workshop open to the public. Gymnastics is for people who are new to fitness training and for those who are experienced. It encompasses and applies to all sports and fitness in general.

"Gymnastics has no peer among training modalities for developing the four neurological components of the ten skills-coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy." Coach Glassman of CrossFit HQ

In ancient Greece gymnastics was used to train the Greek military and ready their soldiers for warfare. After WWII the US Navy developed a training program which utilized several manuals outlining movements that should be performed in daily fitness regimens, thies included a manual called Gymnastics and Tumbling. Gymnastics has trained Olympians and world class athletes. It is by far the best thing a person can do to increase their strength, body control, and spacial awareness.

Coach Randal Setzler recently attend a CrossFit Gymnastics Certification in Ft. Worth and is bringing all of the techniques he learned to a 3 part workshop at the CrossFit Central Facility. “Gymnasts are the strongest athletes when you look at what they are able to achieve and their body size. There is no other sport that even comes close - pound for pound, what gymnasts can achieve.”

How does Gymnastics play a role in fitness?

"Gymnastics offers individuals amazing strengths with simple techniques. A person who practices aspects of gymnastics can walk into any situation, whether thats particular movement patterns found in a workout or other sports, and pick it up quickly. That is because gymnastics has a high demand for control, body, and spacial awareness. Falls can be limited and even prevented. Injuries can also be limited and prevented because you strengthen your joints as well as your muscles. People at any age or experience level will see these benefits."

How does gymnastics apply to the CrossFit method?

"Gymnastics applies to all aspects of fitness – kettlebells, paralettes, rings, Olympic lifts, pull ups, hand stand push ups, etc. There is a direct correlation between all of these movements and gymnastics. For example, take knees to elbows in Crossfit – this is something that often comes up in workouts. It’s actually a variation of a gymnastics movement called toes to bars where a person hangs on to the bar with straight legs and take their toes to the bar. Gymnastics will teach you how to progress to the correct technique for knees to elbows. Once you have that down we can take it to the next level and learn toes to bar."

Can people with no experience attend the gymnastics Workshop?

"Absolutely! Inside our current training we see a couple of different ways to modify and scale workouts, at the gymnastics workshop you’ll learn even more ways to modify the workout. If you’ve been coming to Crossfit class and have been doing modified hand stand push ups on the box for a while, you will learn new variations and many many more techniques that will take your training and fitness to the next level."

What are the benefits of attending the seminar?

'You will learn new approaches to existing techniques, conditioning drills, you will increase your strength, have a better understanding of body awareness and body control, and you will learn many exercises that you can perform with minimal or no equipment."

The Gymnastics Workshop will be a three part seminar. Each seminar will build upon lessons taught from the previous seminar.

CrossFit Central Gymnastics Workshop

September 20 - Fundamentals
October 11 - Paralettes and Bar
November 1 - Rings

These workshops are open to everone regardless of your fitness level or experience! However, each workshop is limited to 15 people.

RSVP now and secure yourself a spot before it fills up!

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