Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Trigger Point Session with Purchase of kit

Contact me to get your TP kit and start enhancing your range of motion and assisting recovery. They sell for $135 and the re-gen session runs $60 per hour. You get everything for $135 and will be on the path to a better you. I'd love to help!
Randal Setzler: 512-921-7563 or

Trigger Point started as a research project for Cassidy Phillips, who suffers from fibromyalgia. Phillips needed to find a solution for the continuous pain throughout his body.
The well-trained athlete spent years researching his condition and refused to settle with doctor's recommendations of never training again.

During his research, Phillips worked heavily in trigger point therapy, which utilizes key areas of the body to release tension and create blood flow to the area. The therapy was working for him except that it was difficult to work on himself.

His solution was to find a material that mimicked the pressure and accuracy of a thumb. He needed a material with significant denseness that could change shape and manipulate the muscle. Through two years of intense research and development, Phillips created Trigger Point. The company is based on a patented material that changes shape after five to seven seconds, thus aiding in (massaging) penetrating the belly of the muscle safely and effectively when ample pressure is applied, much like traditional massage. Today Trigger Point features five products: TP Massage Ball, Footballer, Quadballer, Baller Block and The Grid.

The TP Massage Ball, Footballer, and Quadballer's dense materials mirror the feeling the human hand and change shape after five to seven seconds of pressure.

Many people use devices filled with air like a tennis ball, which will collapse and thus fail to penetrate the belly of the muscle; or using a device made of a hard material such as plastic or wood, which will be traumatic to the muscle and cause more damage. Trigger Point's tools, the TP Massage Ball,Footballer, Quadballer and The Grid are able to self massage safely and effectively

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