Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Warrior in Today’s Society

Warrior in Today’s Society

Jermaine Andre is a professional mixed martial artist, a great warrior and a
righteous man. These are his words.
'To be a warrior in today's society is to be one of the unaccepted and

As a true warrior carries more concern and emotion than the average person,
he must always suppress his feelings so that he will not die from sadness.
This usually leads the judgmental into believing that the warrior is a man
of no heart. A true warrior looks deeply into all things without limiting
his mind inside of the borders of societies restrictions. He makes his
judgments off of what he has learned through experience instead of what he
is told to believe.

A code of honor is always established somewhere within a warrior's life. His
honor is more important to him than life itself. He would rather be dead
with honor than alive without it. Please understand that a warrior's honor
is not to be confused with a fool's ego. A warrior of today must always
keep himself disconnected from the gratifications that society allows.
Material things and money are only that to him. He must always be prepared
to die for what he believes in, so he must never fear leaving things behind.
Warriors believe in standing for what's right and falling for what's right.
They do not sway with the winning side if it is in the wrong. This would be
dishonorable. A warrior knows of things that the domesticated doesn't
because of his courage to seek and find at his own will. This always keeps
him separate from the sheep who follow the manipulating shepherd.
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network
He does not look for his honor through fame or what other people think of
him. Even if the world condemns what he is doing as wrong, he will keep
doing it if he himself feels that it is right. He does not seek the
approval of misled and misguided men. Only the approval of the Spirit that
he has chosen as his leader.

To the warrior, his only fear of death, is to die a cowardly one. To die a
good, warrior's death … is only a blessing from his Superior Spirit.
Death through life is what the warrior will seek … and life through death,
is what he shall find.'

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Lori B said...

Nice. It reminds me alot of the American Indians. They not only lived a life of honor but lived to honor a greater spirit as well. It's a side of my ancestry that I'm proud to have as a part of me.

You're such a soulful being Randal. Keep up the posts, I am always intrigued by your thoughts and comments.