Friday, March 25, 2011

NEW BLOG! Dedicated to the Golden Age Strongman

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Mission Statement:

-Yesterday’s training brought to you today.-

My quest for fully functional and highly effective training which will apply to lifts and maneuverability of any object as well as to meet the demands that life throws at us as well as intending to not just survive but to thrive has led me to create this blog. Being committed to training in the manner of Strongmen of the Golden Age Era was the result. This was a time before treadmills, military incline press machines, and especially the shake weight. Life was hard and training was a reflection of life. Strength and perseverance was forged through tools like kettlebells, barbells, stones, logs, and any various odd objects found along the way. Often the men who forged this era didn’t follow fitness regimens but carved their own utilizing only their wits and their mits. To those gentlemen- thank you. I strive to continue on where those footsteps led off.

-Randal Setzler

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