Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Featherweights Vs "Nicole"

Here's 2 videos from CrossFit Central's "Beat the Coach" series where various trainers perform benchmark workouts and see if Central's Athletes can beat their time. Posted below are mine attempt as well as my favorite fitness nemesis ;-) Benjamin Palmer. Notice his humorous bit of trash talk at the end of his video and my comical fall at the start of mine.

For those who don't know- Benjamin and myself have been going toe-to-toe in friendly competitions as of late. We had a Featherweight Throwdown last week. BE LOOKING FOR THE VIDEO LATER THIS WEEK!!! For it is truly worth watching. We are both "theatrical" in nature and it is obvious in all that we do. Hopefully you find some viewer entertainment in our endeavours!

Benjamin's WOD

Ben's score 6rds, 57 pull-ups

Randa's WOD

Randal's Score 6rds, 137 pull-ups (Insert trash talk here--->) BAM!! what you got, huh???

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