Friday, January 18, 2008


My name is Randal Setzler and I am a Crossfit addict.
Being a avid practitioner of CrossFit I realized I crossed a line some time a while back from Crossfit enthusiast to a full blown addict. So I have compiled a list of signs to tell if you are becoming a CrossFit addict. You be the judge.

1 You brag about how fast you can do "Angie".
2 Your friends know your Helen time but they don't do Crossfit.
3 You pick up a water jug in your office and start doing kettle bell swings.
4 When you talk about getting “In the Zone” it has nothing to do with your car.
5 You start timing EVERYTHING you do, like going from your desk to the copier and back.
6 You tell other people how they need to try crossfit while you can barely walk.
7 The crossfit games are on your dream vacation list.
8 You ACTUALLY want to improve your 5 km time without running.
9 You watch CF videos over and over just to be impressed at what fitness means.
10 You think to yourself when you see a muscle head "ya but can he run 400m and do twenty one pull ups in 2:00 mins?"

If you are guilty of the majority of these then you ARE a CrossFit addict.
(Feel free to post more in the comments section and I will post them up here!)


Mchael Gregory said...

love this post randal... I wish i thought of it!

Crossfit Central said...

thats great randal! Love it

Thomas Outman said...

Top 13 signs you are addicted to crossfit:

11. Push up contest at work
12. When asked what you would like for dinner you reply “5 Block protein, fat, and carb”
13. Top sign you know you are addicted to crossfit: You’re not scared when a guy named “big Mike” opens a black duffle bag and asks “how you’re doing on your pills?”

DaveRe said...

14 - your response to any whining you hear around becomes "3, 2, 1... GO!"

carey said...

14. pukie is my friend.

georgia said...

"11. Push up contest at work"

Amended: Push up contest with significant other.

My boyfriend was so embarrassed he started working out the next day! I'm working on pushing him past the old high school football lifting mentality and into Crossfit.

Grace said...

When looking at a wall makes you want to do HSPU or just practice on hand stand holds.

When neighborhood playgrounds makes you think....3.2.1..pull ups practice time.

Dutch said...

These are great!! Do you mind if i post them on my site?


Randal Setzler said...

If I ever have anything you find to be useful, feel free to share it whith others.


Madeliene Midson said...

Talking all the time about crossfit, looking up the results of crossfit regionals world wide, dredging I had a rest day when it was a WOD that I wanted to do. Wearing my crossfit shirt, hoodie and shoes with most clothes I wear. Only being doing crossfit since jan 2013 :)

NancyRichard said...

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