Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Then and now- A reflection and empowerment.

At first, when the idea as to what my next blog was going to be about, I was thinking of telling my "transformation" story. I don't have one of those tales of great weight loss or anything worthy of before and after pictures. Before CrossFit I was heavily involved with parkour and MMA. So I was no stranger to sweating in non air conditioned areas and I thought I was familiar with "tough training" but it wasn't until I met Jeremy Thiel that I heard about terms like "crossfit, pukie the clown, and rhabdo." Back then a couple of friends and myself were organizing a small parkour group and most of our sessions were street training and that is where I met Jeremy. He showed up to one of our parkour sessions. To be honest he didn't do that much parkour but I could tell that whatever he tried seamed to be fairly effortless. It was obvious he was fit but what suprised me was that his strength he got from his "gym workouts" seemed to be 100% functional. It was within weeks that I was at my first UTB workout. Within two months I participated in CrossFit Central's first Fight Gone Bad. It didn't take long after I could stop panting and got up off the ground that I realized that if I could handle a CrossFit Workout then my parkour, MMA, or whatever I chose to do would be a cakewalk.
Now, having been 2 years later I can say that I am faster, stronger, more efficient, and more proficient in all my physical activites. My cardio, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy have achieved heights I never thought possible. I have cruised easily for over a year with bodyfat less than 9%. My bechamark workout times get shorter and are becoming less intimidating. I am not the same person as before I started. From the outside I may only look a bit leaner and stronger stronger, but from the inside out I have grown. I thank everyone who has helped, encouraged, and trusted in me. Without my friends, family and loved ones by my side- I am nothing. I love and thank you all.