Monday, November 21, 2011

The Bodybuilder's Diet

My personal 30 day challenge

On Saturday November the 19th I competed in the Texas State Naturals as a lightweight novice bodybuilder and in the men's physique division. I came in at 127.8lbs and 4.3 body fat. This took a considerable amount of work but not in the typical ways. My training was barely altered. My diet was my biggest battle. Simply put- I had to take it more serious that I had in my 4+ years of coaching and competing. I decided to create my own program instead of following the typical bodybuilder's diet. They usually follow a 12 week program, I wanted to do it in just 30 days. I based all my decisions off of my performance, energy, and goal and worked what became a 7 phase program that took me all the way to the finals!
I am eager to share the details and will so stay tuned for more!!

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