Monday, November 21, 2011

Man on a Mission

This is me backstage and bronzed.

Besides being able to check this off my "fitness bucket" list I've always felt that a high level crossfitter should be able to walk into any domain (lift, race, mystery event) and at LEAST be able to hang. I have been on a mission to prove this.
Let me also refer you to the powerlift meet I did 2 months back. As the smallest framed male coach I felt it would have the most impact if I could show my pound-for-pound strength. I walked away with a trophy that day. I did not win the bodybuilding competition but I made it to finals. I felt I proved my beliefs and strength of the crossfit methodoligy.
I feel to win a speciality event "specializing" is a must. But one who claims GPP (genral physical prepardness) should test his/hers actual level of proficiency in any domain they claim proficiency in.
I will continue to test my proficiency in odd, fun, and functional ways in effort to blur concepts and boundaries of things like "normal, easy, outside the box, nand the likes."

..and of course, I'll keep all you readers in the loop. thanks for your support!

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