Monday, September 29, 2008

Workshop on Oct. 11th 12-2pm: PARALLETTES and BAR

The first of my three part series of strength based gymnastics for functional fitness was sold out and was a great success! The second one is just around the corner and the focus will be on parallettes and the bar. Sign up soon or you will miss out! Have a blast and learn new ways to train that will directly transfer into enhanced performance in all aspects of "the sport of fitness."
Check out CrossFit Central to find out more and to reserve your spot!


Melicious said...

Hey, superstar.

The beginning is the best! It's reassuring to know your super powers sometimes need a re-charge, like us mortals.

And the rest of it is, of course, fantastic and awesome and inspiring and fun and whew... super powers, fully-engaged.

4 stars.

Randal Setzler said...

I thought it would be interesting to start off with a "out take." I learn from all my mistakes and maybe others can benefit too- which is why I have no embarrassment in showing any chinks in my armor or vulnerability.
I keep thinking of that Glassman quote that states In his CrossFit Journal article "Handstands,"

"It’s O.K. if your take-offs don’t takeoff or if your landings are more like crashes; do them anyway. If these drills are seemingly impossible, don’t let that psych you out. Nothing about your difficulties suggests their inappropriateness for you."

tumble on,

Melicious said...

Ha! That quote -- "Nothing about your difficulties suggests their inappropriateness for you."-- is posted on my Glamour Room mirror.

Matthew Lee Willis said...
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