Monday, November 17, 2008

How to Do CrossFit Exercise

How to Do the Cross Fit Exercise
By eHow Sports & Fitness Editor

Cross fit is one of the newest and hottest advances in exercise science. Based on years of fitness research, cross fit uses multiple functional exercises done at a rapid pace to push you to new levels of functional fitness. Follow these steps to begin doing your own cross fit program.

Step1-Familiarize yourself with the cross fit philosophy. Cross fit is about functional fitness. As such it adapts principles from multiple fitness and nutrition disciplines to build its program. Get familiar with cross fit by exploring the official cross fit website,, and by asking questions on the forum or speaking with your trainer (see Resources below).

Step2-Begin with what you know. The beauty of cross fit is its simplicity. This means that you can begin with virtually any set of exercises, even ones as basic as running, push-ups and sit-ups. Take one of the major cross fit techniques, such as high intensity interval training, and apply it to the set of exercises you are most familiar with.

Step3-Start using unfamiliar motions and equipment. Many people get intimidated by cross fit's focus on barbell deadlifts, cleans and advanced pull-ups. However, all of these exercises are very doable and do not take expert knowledge, but just patience and a good teacher. Choose one of the more advanced, intense exercises, such as the deadlift, and work it into your routine. Then pick a few others so you reach a more advanced level.

Step4-Work for time. The next addition to getting the swing of cross fit is a time objective. Part of the cross fit philosophy is that speed increases intensity, and intensity increases fitness. So, start clocking each of your exercise sets and circuits and attempt to break your own records each time. Alternatively, you can attempt the "workout of the day" and compare your time with that of other cross-fitters.

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